Liberal elites at it again to block free Internet for consumers

    Remember a few months back when an international cabal of liberal elites got India to embrace their severe net neutrality dogma and blocked free Internet access in India? Well, the same folks are at it again and this time they have set their sights on the U.S.

    This week a group from the net neutrality priesthood sent a letter to the FCC in opposition to zero rating plans (drafted from the Zero Access Country Club, no doubt.). These are offers from Internet providers and popular web sites that give you access to their sites and content without counting it against your data plan. In essence, it is free data.

    They are pushing the same backwards argument they used in India that it’s better to have no access than have companies pick up the tab. To show how crazy this is, recall that these same groups gave cover for the government to pass net neutrality by saying it was needed to protect consumers from having to “pay twice” to use the Internet. Now they are saying that net neutrality is necessary to “protect” consumers from paying nothing to use the Internet!

    In reality, free data plans are welcomed by everyone who loves getting a deal. And free data plans disproportionately help low-income, minority and senior communities who would otherwise struggle to afford accessing all the great things available on the Internet,

    We can all agree that free access is better than no access, can’t we?

    The hypocrites that signed this letter say they’re doing it for the consumers, but these liberals’ plans have nothing to do the charitable notions they champion in the press. This is about creating an opening for the government to enact price regulations on the Internet. Remember Chairman Wheeler’s dramatic flip-flop about the FCC having rate setting authority?

    Like so much of the net neutrality hoopla, this has never been about protecting YOU the consumer — and it’s certainly never been about protecting the Internet. This is about big government fans, AKA Obama’s buddies, grabbing as much control over the Internet as they can before voters can show them the door.

    The hypocrisy is astounding.  

    So while they sit in luxury, feigning interest in the poor, it is again the everyday consumer who gets the shaft. Zero rating’s free data offers could benefit communities throughout this country and throughout the world, but only if big government, and those corporate cronies who use big government to feather their nests, do not get their way.