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    Tell the FCC’s Chairman Wheeler:
    Your Privacy Rules are a Farce!

    When FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler imposed Obama’s view of regulation on the Internet — so-called “net neutrality” rules — the corporations that helped him take over the Internet got a last minute reprieve from having to follow them.

    That was a sweet deal for net neutrality cheerleader Netflix–especially since we now know they’ve been breaking the basic principles of net neutrality for the past five years.  

    But now the biggest supporters of Obama’s government takeover of the Internet are about to get their reward. And it’s a doozy.

    Big tech today knows more about you than anyone.  More about your personal shopping habits; what you watch on the Internet; and how you live your life. And using your personal data for their own profit is a major part of their business model.

    So when the FCC’s Chairman Tom Wheeler announced he was going to make protecting our privacy his next big issue, skeptics knew regulations would be tilted in favor of corporations favorable to the Obama-Wheeler agenda.

    And they were right! Wheeler isn’t protecting our privacy. He is using government to create two sets of rules, while protecting his friends from any privacy considerations whatsoever!  The FCC is not planning to regulate a certain business practice uniformly, but rather to selectively regulate that practice only for certain companies and not others.

    Chairman Wheeler’s brazenness is breathtaking: While regular Internet Service Providers will operate under the most stringent privacy rules on the Internet, but some of the biggest corporations in Silicon Valley will remain free to comprehensively collect and sell your personal information to anyone they want. Why? Because the FCC privacy rules are based on the net neutrality regs that purposely exempted these companies because of rules Wheeler set as chairman!

    Isn’t this what makes you sick about the federal government?  Big companies lobby and manipulate for regulations that affect all of us, but don’t apply to them!

    Imagine rules about privacy that exclude the biggest corporate collectors of your personal data!

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell where Silicon Valley ends and the Obama Administration begins.

    This FCC doesn’t care about your privacy. They care about protecting Obama’s biggest corporate benefactors. Nothing more.

    Anyone who is paying attention can see that this is crony capitalism at its finest. Big business and big gov working together for their own interests — not yours — and now it’s time we make the FCC admit it to the world.


    Let’s call out Chairman Wheeler and make him answer some questions: If our online data and privacy are so important to protect, why are you giving a free pass to the worst privacy violators in the history of the world?

    Why are you going out of your way to protect Obama’s biggest corporate patrons?

    What Chairman Wheeler is doing is an insult to our intelligence. A government takeover of the Internet on one hand with special interest carve-outs for Obama’s multi-billion dollar corporate cronies on the other: What a disgrace!

    Tell the Chairman that he’s been caught red-handed.